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SLO Ocean Currents 

Referral Program
Pool Training Referral


SLO Ocean Currents offers a course labeled the Referral Program. This course allows you the student to take diving lessons while participating in the ocean waters of your choice. This is the perfect course for the diver who will be going on vacation and wants to SCUBA dive in the warm tropical waters of the world. The referral program teaches you the diving theory and water skills right here in your own neighborhood. After you have completed this section you are now prepared for the Ocean dives which will be completed over two days at your destination. Just think, instead of wasting your hard-earned vacation reading and performing pool skills, you can now just go make four ocean dives in two days and achieve your lifelong dive certification. That’s right, in only two days at your destination you will dive four instructor supervised dives where you will demonstrate the skills you previously learned in the pool. Once the four dives have been completed and logged you are then a certified diver who is ready to continue diving with your favorite dive buddy. The referral program allows you to take up the sport of SCUBA without jumping into the less temperate waters of the Central Coast.

SLO Ocean Currents has two methods of taking the referral program. How about signing up in one of our many scheduled courses and omit the ocean dives? If you don’t have the time to meet our schedules, how about trying one of your own? SLO Ocean Currents offers this course on a private basis, which can have you ready to make your trip in as little as one to two days. Warmer waters are calling so drop by and pick up a book package today. Isn’t it time you get started?


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