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Lobster Gear

Lobster season starts September 1, 2006, so it's time to think about how to out grab your "buddy" and get those bugs! Underwater Kinetics has some great additions to any diver's gear bag, especially lobster divers. First off is their Fathom 4 Pak, a package of (you guessed it) 4 dive lights. Including a primary light, two secondary lights, and a marker light, this is the perfect night diving setup. UK also offers the uniBAG, a very versatile gear/game bag both for lobster divers and non-bug divers. Stop by the shop today to play with these items. Of course, we also have plenty of lobster gauges, other bags and lights, and more!

Time to Take Advantage!

As new products with improvements start to trickle into the dive shop, we need to make room for these items. We're currently offering great deals on the following in-stock items (sorry, in-stock only -- we can't do special orders on these items): misc booties and warm water fins, used cylinders; check out the Close-Out Sheet when you stop by the shop!

Aquasphere Swim Center

In order to better meet the needs of our local water denizens, we've expanded to include a swim center featuring products specifically for swimmers. SLO Ocean Currents is proud to offer a full line of Aquasphere products, including the popular Seal Mask and Kaiman Google (official swim goggle of the Ironman Triathlon). Seal Masks offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, 180 degrees of visibility, minimal drag, non-allergenic silicone, protection from chlorine and water pollution, and are virtually leak proof. It's no wonder they are the official swim mask of the Ironman Triathlon! We also carry Zip Fins, Training Paddles, Kickboards, Exposure Suits and more! Of course, we also offer full support should anything go wrong with your gear. Swing by and check out how we can make you more comfortable in the pool!

Introducing the Diveyak

Two person DiveyakSLO Ocean Currents has added a new item to its ever-increasing inventory. Introducing the Diveyak, an inflatable kayak large enough to take a diver and their gear out to the reefs lying just offshore. Kayak diving is becoming an increasingly popular form of diving especially when the dive site is more than a comfortable surface swim from the shore. The wide girth of the boat allows for plenty of room and easy water entry and exit. The Diveyak also rolls up in a mesh bag small enough to fit on a shelf in your closet or garage. The Diveyak comes in a 1 or 2 man version, both small enough to transport in the trunk of a Yugo.

The two-chamber design of the Diveyak can be deflated and stored in the provided mesh bag. The inner hull is made up of a Zodiac-like fabric that is very strong and corrosion resistant. The outer skin is heavy-duty polyester material. The Diveyak can be easily filled at your dive site with your scuba tank eliminating the need to tow around bulky boats. Additionally, the Diveyak is flat for maximum stability with a raised bow to easily ride over ocean waves. The Diveyak is supplied with 3 directional skegs, mesh carrying bag, bucket seats with diddy-bag, 2 water bottle holders, paddle holders, 2 dozen stainless steel D-rings and plenty of tie-downs to secure dive gear. Come on into the shop and check it out!!!



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