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SLO Ocean Currents 

Private Open Water Class

SLO Ocean Currents has many different options to meeting your needs to complete the Open Water SCUBA Course. We publish many different course calendars, but we can also tailor the course to fit your specific schedule. This course is called a private course. In this course, you hire an instructor to guide you through the PADI Open Water Diver Course and meet all the requirements to be a safe diver. Whether you want the course for yourself or would like to put a group of family and friends together, the private course will meet your own specific needs.

The Open Water Course is again modular in design and can be completed in as little as four days, or take them at the speed in which you would like to finish. There are five modules of lecture, pool training and ocean dives to complete the Open Water Course.

If you prefer to complete your dives elsewhere, say Cozumel, Hawaii, Fiji or wherever your travels may take you, we also offer a course titled the Referral Course. Complete all your lecture and pool work here and complete two days of open water diving at your destination.

Cost: Private courses include five modules of lecture, pool, four SCUBA dives. This is completed in four days time at an average of 5 hours per meeting. If you would like more time it can be arranged on a fee basis, No Problem!

Required materials for the course: PADI Open Water Textbook package, PADI Open Water DVD , and PIC envelope (certification fee), or the optional online E-Learning with PADI E-Learning Crewpack. Call for details. Personal equipment for the type of course selected.

Tuition Only for the full course:

  • One student: $600.00
  • Two students: $550.00 per student
  • Three/Four students: $500.00 per student
  • Five/Eight students: $400.00 per student

Tuition Only for the Referral Course:

  • One student: $300.00
  • Two students: $250.00 per student
  • Three students: $225.00 per student
  • Four students: $200.00 per student


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