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SLO Ocean Currents 


Buying Dive Packages

Let the professionals of SLO Ocean Currents help you make the right decisions.

We are people who dive day in and day out. We see what is good and what is not. Our extensive background will allow you to make educated decisions and not be let down by Internet rip-offs and misconceptions.

Building a custom packages in the dive shop allows us to make the right selection for your style of diving. We will fit you appropriately, assemble and test your gear, show you how to clean and store and give you a fair (discounted) price that is usually comparable if not better than Internet pricing. The advantages of shopping with us are: we will assure that you have a valid warranty and take care of the registration, you have someone here to service your gear, we will handle any problems be they large or small for you, we work directly with manufactures to best uphold warranties. At SLO Ocean Currents you will meet face to face with a customer service person who is knowledgeable and actually dives. We are here for you because of you.

The Internet shortfalls we have seen. No lies, this is the truth!

  • Items sold by unauthorized stores. This means you have no warranty. Even if you get a registration card. Look at Manufacturers websites and see the truth for yourself. Our hands are tied trying to help you with unauthorized gear.
  • Handling of returns and broken gear - you will be shipping to the seller and then they will reship items to manufacture if it is legitimate = Longer down times. Many online stores don’t have a technical/repair department and may not even be an authorized dealer source.
  • Which means you could be stuck.
  • Questioned ability/authority of local facilities to service your gear. If we are not an
  • authorized dealer or anyone else in the area is, you have no one to service your gear.
  • You did not get what you ordered, they don't have it in stock ever, they try to sell you
  • something other than you wanted. (Bait and Switch) 

All we ask is to give us a chance and let us do what we do our best.


SLO Ocean Currents


3121 South Higuera Suite B
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Line 1: 805-544-7227
Line 2: 805-544-Dive

Monday-Friday: 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
*Retail closed on Sunday; Open for training

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