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SLO Ocean Currents 

PADI Open Water Certification




Here at SLO Ocean Currents, classes start every month, lasting 1 - 2 weeks to complete. Accelerated Private courses lasting as little as four days are also available. You may choose between evening classes during the week on either Monday and Wednesday nights or Tuesday and Thursday nights, with ocean diving on weekends.

Included with your Open Water Certification Course Tuition are:
  • PADI E-learning Module. Link: E-Learning
  • 5 Pool Modules with Scuba equipment over 2 pool sessions.
  • 2 ocean beach dives and 2 ocean boat dives (1 Dive Day, boat price not included) -or- 4 Ocean beach dives.
  • Complete SCUBA equipment rentals for all Ocean Dives. (Wetsuit and Hood, BCD, Regulators and Tanks)
  • Internationally recognized PADI Open Water E-Certification Card.
  • A complete PADI Educational Package (Open Water Textbook, Logbook, and E-Certification card).

To be successful in your training, it starts with getting the right equipment for your body. Not every mask fits your face, not every fin is suitable for your body and or function. With this in mind our beginning SCUBA students will need to purchase the following required personal dive equipment before the first pool class. If you think you already have your gear, please bring it in so that we can confirm it is of the quality and standards needed for SCUBA. We are a full retail facility with a substantial selection. We are price competitive and are here for your fitting and professional advice. We appreciate your business. 

  • Dive Mask - Your eye to the underwater world.
  • Snorkel - Surface air supply.
  • Fins with heel strap - Provides underwater propulsion.
  • Neoprene Booties - Protects feet and provides warmth.
  • Neoprene Gloves - Protects hands and provides warmth.
  • Weight System - Either soft weights or hard weights with belt and webbing. (Available for rent)
  • Dive Computer- Tracks depth, time and surface intervals. (Available for rent)
  • Dive Equipment Bag - to ensure that you and your equipment get to the dive together (recommended).

An Important Note:
There are times when people think they can get a better deal on equipment online and choose to purchase that way. As an instructor and dive training facility we find that more often than not people purchased ill fitting or completely inappropriate gear for SCUBA. This is not snorkeling!!! We have a professional staff to advise and fit you, making sure you have the best opportunity for success and comfort while taking our courses. We are price competitive. We would much rather see you in person to purchase this gear and get the best possible fit for your budget.  You are an individual and we will treat you as such. We are in the business of selling success.

You will start SCUBA diving in your first pool session and will be ocean diving the 2nd half of the course. For most classes, you complete 2 dives at local beaches and two on a boat trip where you will do two more for the certification and have an additional dive for more experience. The (boat trips) to the Channel Islands are typically a three dive day! These boat trips cost an additional fee, but are well worth the price (We're guessing your friends already told you this is the only way to go.) For the price conscious, we have occasional courses where all 4 ocean dives are completed entirely at local beaches.

After completion of SLO Ocean Current's certification program, you can participate in our many stores and club activities which include:

We are a team of professionals dedicated to showing you how to get the most out of diving. We teach one of the safest and most thorough diving programs available. We invite you to join our family of divers. So start your adventure today - the underwater world is waiting for you! It's a whole new way of enjoying the marine world that our instructors would like to show you personally. Come on in and see our facilities and let us answer any questions you may have.



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