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SLO Ocean Currents 

Boat Diving

Our company books spaces or charters boats on a regular basis. Look at our boat schedule and join the dive group and enjoy some world class diving right here off the California Coastline. If you cannot make a trip  that we have booked already let us know and we can help you book an option that best suits your needs. The Santa Barbara Channel Islands offers world class diving.

Truth Aquatics Boats - Vision / Conception / Truth
Responsible game collecting and spearfishing trips. Come out and enjoy diving with like-minded divers.

The plan is to go to the outer island weather permitting and look to dive some of the less often dove sites looking for scallops and various fish (Halibut, Lingcod, Ocean Whitefish, Copper Rockfish, Vermillion Rockfish, Calico Bass). These trips are more Advanced SCUBA trips with various dive sites that could be challenging to the newer diver.

San Miguel Island has some of the most spectacular scuba diving found anywhere off the coast of California. The topography at its offshore pinnacles makes a diver feel small. Mountainous pinnacles can go from 20 feet of water to 200 on some walls. Protected coves, banks, offshore rocks and pinnacles make this a sought after destination for scuba divers. Weather protects this island from too much human visitation so patience is needed and a little can have you diving San Miguel.

Santa Rosa Island has become famous for the many species of game fish and lobster available. Talcott shoals, lying off the Northwest section of the island is a large plateau that offers various terrains for divers. The western section of Talcott becomes more dramatic in its topography and offers not only game divers hunting opportunities, but great photo opportunities as well.  The East End has a wonderful assortment of pinnacles and reefs and clouds of fish. Santa Rosa Island is a transition island where the water begins to chill and you begin to see both cold water, and warmer water species combined.

Peace Boat Trips
Anacapa /Santa Cruz Island
These trips are specifically catered to the beginning or intermediate diver that wants the optimum diving conditions. Dive sites are determined by the best conditions offered. These trips are best suited to beginning divers, divers that are new to ocean diving, cold water diving, and/or kelp diving or divers that want the best conditions for an enjoyable dive for recreation or photography. Hunters may sign up for these trips, but due to diving conditions, we may not dive in areas where hunting is allowed. This trip includes 3 scuba dives, air fills and meals. Estimated return time is between 5-6pm. You will need to provide all scuba & snorkeling equipment including weights and 1 cylinder.
Multi day or outer islands are typically a bit more advanced. We have the option to travel further to lesser dove spots which often have bigger animals, nice topography and a bit more exposed. One of our highlights is a two day trip to Catalina and Santa Barbara Island in one two day trip. Take a look for a August departure date.

Spectre Boat Trips
Anacapa / Santa Cruz Island 
These trips are catered to the beginning or intermediate divers and SCUBA training courses. Dive sites are determined by the best conditions offered. These trips are best suited to beginning divers, divers that are newer to ocean diving, cold water diving, photography and kelp diving. These dives are non guided buddy dives.  Hunters may sign up for these trips, but due to diving conditions, we may not dive in areas where hunting is allowed due to Marine Protected Areas. Most trips includes 3 scuba dives, air fills and meals. Gear is not provided so be prepared to bring all SCUBA including a cylinder (it will get refilled on the boat) and weights.  
With a departure at 7:00 AM, you may stay on board the night before your charter. Bunks can not be reserved and are limited at 26 bunks. So plan to get there a head of time if you want to sleep on-board. It is only 13 miles to get to Anacapa or just a few more to Santa Cruz Island which are the destinations all dependent on weather.   Anacapa consists of 3 smaller islets, East, Middle, and West. Anacapa Islands totals approximately 1 square mile of land and approximately 5 miles in length. Located only a little over one hour from Ventura Harbor this makes for a great short ride to spectacular diving. Estimated return time is between 4-5pm. 



We have updated our Boat trip list for 2019  click here

 Have us Book your dives for you. We are experts at diving the Channel Islands and will know what kind of trip and which boat will suit your needs.  
805-544-7227 or 805-544-DIVE

REFUND/Cancellation POLICY: Unless stated otherwise, this refund policy is in effect for all one day SLO Ocean Currents trips. More than 2 weeks before the trip departure date, Refunds minus a 10% cancellation fee will be issued at your request. At 2 weeks or less before the trip departure date, Refunds(including deposits) will ONLY be issued under the following conditions: (1) The trip is FULL AND your spot has been sold (2) The trip was canceled. All destinations are "weather permitting" and are NOT guaranteed.I f you wish to keep your refund as "instore credit" there will be no cancellation fee assessed. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please discuss it with SLOOC before signing up for a trip.

Multi-day trips have a 30-day policy as stated above. Payment is due in full 30 days out.



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