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SLO Ocean Currents 

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

The Advanced Open Water (AOW) Certification Course is designed to expand upon skills learned in the Open Water course. It's a good course to take if you want to improve your diving skills quickly or if you haven't been diving recently. SLO Ocean Currents specializes in having a great time while accelerating the learning experience. AOW is a compact, high-impact diving program that emphasizes diving over formal class sessions. It provides the novice diver with a structured, well-supervised means to gain the practical experience needed after entry-level certification. This course will allow you to participate in various underwater activities that will broaden both your awareness of the underwater environment and your capabilities as a diver.

You will be expanding your diving horizons into Compass and Natural Navigation, Deep Diving and 3 Elective Dives (either , Boat, Drift, Dry Suit,  Night diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Fish ID, Underwater Photography, or Wreck Diving). This course is offered by SLO Ocean Currents in a variety of formats (see Schedule or call SLO Ocean Currents for details).

Anyone at least 15 years of age(12 for Jr AOW max depth of 70 feet) with a valid Scuba Certification Card is eligible for this course, regardless of the issuing certification agency. For class dives, you must supply a complete Scuba diving system (including a surface signaling device, a cutting tool and Timing Device); equipment rental is available to our AOW students at Half Price! For the Night Dive, you will also need a primary dive light back-up light and a surface light. Advanced Open Water is also a prerequisite for the PADI Rescue Diver course and for many PADI Specialty courses.

Class Session (Prior to dive on site). Pre-Dive Briefings and Open Water Dives: Natural and Compass Navigation Dive, Deep Dive, and 3 facility-elected dives.

Sunday Navigation, Buoyancy Boat 1/8 Raptor Channel Islands 8:00 AM
Saturday - Deep, Naturalist, Buoyancy Boat  1/28 Spectre Charter Islands  
Sunday - Navigation, Search and Recovery Beach 1/29  Morro Bay  7AM
Sunday - Buoyancy, Navigation Shore  2/25 Morro Bay TBA
Sunday - Deep, Fish ID, Photo, or Naturalist Boat  Spectre Charter TBA
Saturday - Buoyancy,  Navigation   Shore   Beach Dive  TBA
Saturday - Deep, Buoyancy, Digital Photo, Fish ID  Boat  3/ Boat Dive  7AM
Sunday - Buoyancy, Navigation Shore  3/ Beach Dive  TBA
Saturday -Buoyancy, Navigation  Shore  4/ AM Beach Dive 7AM
Sunday - Deep, Buoyancy, Digital Photo, Fish ID Boat  4/ Raptor Boat Charter  TBA
Saturday - Deep, Buoyancy, Digital Photo, Fish ID Boat  6/ Raptor Boat Charter  8:00 AM
Saturday - Buoyancy, Navigation Shore  6/  4/2 AM Beach Dive  
Saturday - Deep, Buoyancy, Digital Photo, Fish ID Shore  7/Spectre Boat Dive TBA
Sunday - Buoyancy, Navigation Shore  7/ Beach Dive  
Saturday-  Deep, Naturalist, Buoyancy or Photo Boat  8/ Spectre Boat Dive TBA
Sunday Navigation Search and Recovery Shore 9/ Beach Dive  
Saturday Deep Buoyancy, Fish ID Boat 10/ Spectre Boat Dives  



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San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Line 1: 805-544-7227
Line 2: 805-544-Dive

Monday-Friday: 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
*Retail closed on Sunday; Open for training

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